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One Peice GRP Tank

Base Support

All tanks must be fully supported over the whole base area, with a support system designed to accept the tank and lid together with the weight of contents and pipe work. Please note: clients are responsible for base support. Marine ply bases can be supplied bonded into the laminate of a tank or as a separate loose item, cut to specific requirements.

Installation Access
Our tanks are of rigid construction and care must be
taken that the overall size will pass through all obstructions and fit into the space chosen for the installation. Please check before ordering.

When access restrictions prevent a one piece tank being
used, any standard tank can be supplied divided into
horizontal sections. Alternative solutions can also be

Byelaw Fittings
All tanks holding wholesome water must be fitted with a
screened vent and screened warning/overflow pipe. Tanks holding over 1000 litres actual capacity will require a separate warning and overflow pipe, sized according to the incoming mains supply.

Our was the first tank manufacturer to offer preinsulation, a system incorporating polyurethane foam
encapsulated within the laminate, thereby preventing
moisture being absorbed into the insulation and
consequent reduction in insulation value.

Normal practice is to pre-insulate the sides and lid whilst
making provision for fittings. This prevents the need to
penetrate the outer skin on-site. (Please note that, if
possible, the size and location of fittings required should be stated when ordering tanks). The base of our tanks can also be pre-insulated. Insulation is zero ozone depletion polyurethane.

Options available:
25mm thick insulation = ‘U’ value of 0.83 w/m2
50mm thick insulation = ‘U’ value of 0.45 w/m2
100mm thick insulation = ‘U’ value of 0.23 w/m2

Alternative Insulation Options
We offer foil faced foam or 60mm thick glass insulation
material encapsulated within a plastic sleeve (jacket).
Sectional GRP Tank

To complete our range of tanks, we offer
sectional tanks that are made from hot
pressed moulded panels to British and
European Standards. Although there is no gel
coat, what you have is an isophthalic resin rich
inner surface ideal for storing wholesome
water. WRAS approved products. (G16.1)
Manufactured from sheet moulding
compound (SMC), enabling much larger tanks
to be constructed or restricted accesses to be
Panel sizes currently offered are:
1 metre square
1 metre by 1/2 metre
1/2 metre by 1/2 metre
All sizes are available either plain or 40mm

GRP Housing

The three key elements to building a structure are
performance, appearance and long life. Our housings
are insulated in order to prevent both heat gain and
loss and are manufactured under our EN ISO 9001
quality system.

Materials used in Construction
The external surface has an isophthalic gel coat to
prevent water absorption into the laminate. The
insulating foam is zero ozone depletion
polyurethane encapsulated between the glass fibre
laminate, offered in either 25mm or 50mm
thickness depending on insulation requirement.

Exterior Finish
To assist in retaining good external weathering, the
surface of the side walls on standard housings are
textured. All housings are easy to clean and require
no other maintenance. We offer three standard
colours: light grey, blue and green. A full colour
chart is available for other BS colours.

Sizes of Standard Modular Housings
The maximum height offered is 2500mm but the
width and length can be modified to meet your
needs, thereby offering manageable sections that can pass through buildings and be transported to their end location without employing any special mechanical handling equipment.

Corner sections are 500mm in both length and
width and the height can be adjusted down from 2500mm to 1300mm, in 50mm increments. The standard side sections are 1 metre wide but can be reduced by modifying the mould to 300mm wide, thus giving customers a very specific choice of sizes.

It is essential to allow at least 110mm to each side of the housing to accommodate the internal flange at the base.

Should the original requirement for the housing
plan size change after the actual installation,
additional side and roof sections can be added at a later stage.